Spudtown Knockdown VII

Bipola Lola &

Mike Hammer

Sean Quad & 

Plenty O'fficial

Our Tournament Team

Treasure Valley Roller Derby is excited to welcome this years tournament team and extends a huge THANK YOU to these folks.

League Tournament Head

Raggedy Ann-hilation

Treasure Valley Roller Derby


Head Tournament NSO

Head Tournament Official


League Tournament Head

Sinister Kate

Treasure Valley Roller Derby


Hostess' with the Mostest...

The Treasure Valley Rollergirls were founded in Boise, Idaho in 2006.  This roller derby league has continued to grow and in 2014, Treasure Valley Roller Derby, Inc. was created currently featuring two teams, the Treasure Valley All-Stars and the Boise River Rollers.  Our league also maintains a healthy and robust Fresh Meat training program.  Treasure Valley Roller Derby has continued to watch the Officiating Crew grow in numbers and has become invaluable to the league's growth.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Treasure Valley Roller Derby, please contact us at tvrgirls@gmail.com  

Tournament History

Spudtown Knockdown has become a staple as one of the most highly competitive tournaments in the Pacific Northwest.  Spudtown Knockdown started at Century Link Arena as a small one track tournament tailored to provide a local tournament for small developing teams.  In 2012, the tournament had outgrown the venue and relocated to Expo Idaho.  This roller derby tournament is now large enough to host two full tracks of competitive roller derby for two full days.  Featuring teams from Canada, Colorado, California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Arizona and Nevada.